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A.    Basic Information
A.1  Individual information


How did you come to know about the "Arogya Manthan" Event?
B. Comments about various sessions
Note: 5 Star Rating Scale
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Below average Average Above average Good Excellent


Inaugural Session - Plenary Hall-Whether Attend?
Moving towards Universal Health Coverage-Whether Attend?
Experience of Various Models of PM-JAY-Whether Attend?
Convergence of Schemes-Attend?
Setting Research Agenda-Attend?
Innovations by Start Ups-Attend?
Insights from Scheme Data-Attend?
Capacity Building-Attend?
Improving IEC Activities-Attend?
Improving Supply and Quality-Attend?
WG-1: Reaching the Last Mile-Attend?
WG-2: Monitoring, Frauds and Abuse-Attend?
WG-3: Towards UHC and Continuum of Care-Attend?
WG-4: Innovations in IT-Attend?
WG-5: Strengthening of Public Hospitals through PM-JAY-Attend?
Presentation on Health Coverage for Missing Middle-Attend?
Hospital Feedback Survey-Attend?
Presentation to HFM by-- WG-1-Attend?
Presentation to HFM by-- WG-2-Attend?
Presentation to HFM by-- WG-3-Attend?
Presentation to HFM by-- WG-4-Attend?
Presentation to HFM by-- WG-5-Attend?
Valedictory session-Attend?
D. Exhibition
E.1  Accommodation (If provided by National Health Authority)